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Dye Ink For Mouse Pads

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I have purchased a Maxx Press Digital 15x15 and can't wait for it to arrive. But I have a question. I am first going to limit myself to rhinestone transfers and mouse pads transfers. With that said, I am going to scan pictures to transfer onto the mousepads. Which paper do I use. I have a HP 7000 which uses dye ink, but since the pads more than likely won't be washed like a shirt I'm not really concerned about the fading. I just need help on the type of paper to use (confusing to a newbie). With this machine do I really need a teflon sheet? If I do decide to go to T-shirt transfers (other than rhinestones) do I need the paper or anything else other than the T-square. I have seached the internet for stock rhinestone transfers and seem to fine that ThreadArt has the best designs for the best prices. If you know anyone that makes custom at a reasonable price for a wholesaler please give me the info. I appreciate the big business's but would like to work with a mom & pop also. Thanks in advance :):D
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Well Most pepole would use sublimation ink and paper to print on mouse pads.... Ive never heard of it being done with dye ink... Because mouse pads are a heavy use product and will fade if they are only one top of the product like dye ink!
I have used an HP with dye ink on t-shirts but not on mousepads. (I was just testing to see how it would work, and as you said it faded badly in the wash.) I have an Epson and I use JPSS on mousepads. The dye ink in your HP will work the same on JPSS, not sure about the fading though but you are not concerned with that anyway.

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