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Hi i am using inkscape to try and make dxf files to cut onto various coloured vinyls, I am trying to make a neverbeen race track decal to go on the back of a car or to make a t shirt vinyl print, I can convert the never been image into a dxf file but when i open it on the craft robo master software the outline of the race track looks ok but not terrific, Also the never been logo you can read but looks horrendous and the lines are not least bit straight and i cant seem to straighten the lines up at all, It does not resemble the image i am trying to make a copy of, Making it into a carbon copy of the jpeg image seems impossible, I have converted it into a vector image i have converted it to many file conversions but always get a wonky version of the jpeg image once made into a dxf file to cut. Any help would be fantastic. Cheers andrew.
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