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The reason why an individual will not be able to manually re-glue a piezo plate back on to the bottom of a print head is the accuracy required is so small that it requires specific equipment. We are talking about a couple microns of accuracy to make sure the plate is level with the rest of the print head in order to make sure the jetting of the ink is done properly. In addition, the amount of glue that is applied has to be just right or it will spread over and clog the nozzles.

This is the slightly more technology-based reasoning as to why you are not going to manually glue the plate back on to the print head. But I will tell you the same thing I have told many others. It's not going to hurt to try as long as you have time to kill and are willing to waste ink. Those are your risks as long as you are very careful not to get any fluid on the cables or boards when removing and reinstalling it. Personally, I would rather play the lotto as the success rate is much higher. But some people don't want to believe what many others have already tried and need to experience it for themselves. (Talking from experience as I am this type of guy.)

Best wishes,

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