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This week I dusted off an online quote script I wrote a years ago and put it on my site. Hubby has been on my for ages to add something to let people get pricing.

Up until now all I had up was a "design your own t-shirt" script a for full color designs. There was nothing there to let people just get pricing for 1, 2 etc color.

I was only testing it out but to my surprise 3 days after putting it up I got a local sale.

Business has been really slow. If this was all I needed to generate some sales I can kick myself.


You can see it at;

Demo Quote

After the person got the quote they actually emailed me with details about their order by clicking the Email Us link. I had to email them for additional information. So I got the idea to add to the email information I would need about their order so I wouldn't have to email them such as (need by date, comments, etc. So click the EMAIL US ABOUT THIS QUOTE link to see how it works.

Later I'm sure I will do something totally different but for now it's what I have.

I am not trying to promote it I just am sharing what I am using. I still have a lot to do to it but right now I can only quote t-shirts. Feedback is welcomed but as I said this was written years ago so it's not pretty.
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