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Duracotton Heat Transfer Paper

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Hi, i found this duracotton sub transfer paper for sublimation ink and you can make your t-shirt in two steps. It requires a inkjet 100% release paper. What is this paper and where can i find it?
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Here is the manufacturers website: AutoART DuraCotton Digital Heat Transfer Papers
Read up about it and find the distributor list also in the website.
To use duracotton sub....you need to print your image on sublimation paper w/sublimation ink NOT regular ink... you take a blank duracotton sub paper and press the shinny side onto a white/light cotton or blend material...after pressing, remove the duracotton and place the sublimation image on the area where you pressed duracotton..then remove. This is an option for occasional printing on cotton by those who only have sublimation ink/printer. for more into...contact the dealer closest to you...they are listed at AutoART DuraCotton Digital Heat Transfer Papers
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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