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Dura Brite Setting Help...

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HI all,
I have to print 200 transfers for Friday and my ink flow system
is stuck at the boarder. I was going to use Magic Mix , but i
have no choice to use Dura Brite.
Does any one know the color setting for colr shift during
heat pressing.
Is the following right. +5 MAGENTA
+5 Cyan
-15 Yellow

Thank You
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I just did 10 transfer test with the setting.
No color shift during pressing, image is same
and bright.

Does that mean the information in the thread Jon linked to worked?

If so, great! :)
I have ordered bulk High Heat Transfer Inks for Epson C CX Durabrite replacement 16oz set from Inkjetcarts. If you have had experience with these inks, I would like to know if one needs to adjust the color settings as one does with the Durabrite inks. I learned of Inkjetcarts from this forum and went with their bulk ink. I also considered Magic ink. Thank you for any info you can provide. This is the best forum/board on the internet. I thank everyone for their great and helpful imput. David
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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