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Dupont ink, average cost per shirt?

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Hello All,

Ok, so after a full day of reading, I have reduced my questions down to one. How expensive is Dupont Ink? I know how much it costs to buy the ink but I have never printed a shirt so I don't have a point of reference. Has anyone ever tried to estimate the cost of printing a shirt? Generally speaking, does it cost $.20 to print a shirt or $5.00 (or more)?

I appreciate the info.

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The reason I ask is mainly because of german13's post (See Here). He gave up on dtg printing because of the cost of ink. He has gone back to screen printing. This is what spawned the question as to the actual cost to print a shirt. I initially thought it would cost pennies to print a typical shirt. Now, I am not so sure.

I did find a study on printing to paper which did surprise me.
[media]http://www.qualitylogic.com/tuneup/uploads/docfiles/QualityLogic-Cost-of-Ink-Per-Page-Analysis_US_May-2-2012.pdf[/media]Based on the study it looks like the shirt would at least cost $.32. I would assume that dtg printers use more ink which would increase this amount. The cost of dtg ink is higher so this would increase the cost per shirt as well.

I think it would be easy to find out. Could we weigh the ink containers before and after a job to find the difference in grams?

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