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Dudley Mass

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Anyone here near Dudley Mass. I have a client that needs info on placing design tees and hoods in his shop to supplement his store sales. It is a pool supply store and scrubs store in winter but his scrub business sucks. I am doing his web site. he might want to take on some consignment product. To be honest I have never been to his shop and I know it is a small town. If I was there I would help him which I am doing in other ways.Contact me if you are near there or want more info. He would like to get rid of the scrubs part of the busness and i said tees and hoods for the kids may work as it is a hot item. he has a high school near him I believe. Lou
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Tell him to join the forums and soak in some info :)
He is a retailer and I did his web site for his pool business and his scrub business. He doesn't want to make his shirts but may want to buy some stuff that kids would like. I am his advisor it seems. he calls me for advice. He has had a tough time with the scrub business in a small town that really does not support it and I told him he may want to go after a different section of clients. We talked about going after the young set.
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