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Dual Heat press...

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I'm looking for information on Dual heat presses and air compressors that operates them. I've been eye balling Hix air automated press with the shuttle attachment, anybody using this press? What's a good air compressor for home use that's quiet? I like the dual Air fusion by Stahls, but it's not in the budget. Any info would help. Thanks!
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Valdez, there really isn't an air compressor that is very quiet, especially when using in a home. I would suggest purchasing one at Home Depot or Lowes and checking it out to see if if meets your needs. You can always return it if it does not. GO BLUE!!
Any alternatives to a air compressor??
You can build a room outside to house the air compressor - it doesn't have to be IN the same room as the press. Just run an air line between the two. The bigger the tank, the longer it takes to fill, but the less often it has to fill.

Quieter, twin screw compressors are way more expensive.
How expensive? The compressors are that big to where it needs to be outdoors??

The answer is there. I've no idea what size you need, because you haven't told us

No - compressors are not that big that they need to be outside, but you asked for a quiet one and told us you can't afford a certain type.

So I told you the really quiet ones are even more expensive, but if you want to cut down on the noise, put a normal standard piston compressor outside in a housing. That way the noise won't be in the room where you are working.
I said the air fusion press was not in my budget, and was asking for a recommended air compressor. From my research, a 10 gallon compressor is about what I would need for a air heat press. Those compressors are humongous and probably overkill. I guess I would have to settle for a noisy one. Are they safe to run in your home? I live in a condo association so not sure if I can put one outside.
I understand that the press is not in your budget, which is why I said a quiet compressor was not in your budget - because they cost more than the press you quoted. They start from smaller sizes, btw - we had no idea if this was part of a compressed air system or just powering the press, as mentioned before.

Perhaps just look at a manual electromagnetic release press then? They are cheaper and do not require a compressor.
I don't think there is any reasonably priced air compressor that you can run in a condo that would would not create too much noise for that environment. The neighbors would not be happy
I'm beginning to think so as well. I'm considering office space. Now I have a Stahls hotronix and a vesta heat press already, the hotronix I take on the road and the vesta I use at home. Was looking for a dual press because my press it takes a while to do transfers at the quantity I order them. Trying to cut production time.
If you have one for the shop already, I'd just get a second one - load it whilst the first is pressing the garment. With the timer and auto open you don't have to worry about burning if one layup takes a little longer for some reason.
I know you've already talked yourself out of it but I'll go ahead and answer your question to the best of my ability just in case someone else is considering this. I run a GeoKnight 394ts which is a single platen air operated twin shuttle press. The raising mechanism is a firestone airbag like you see on tractor trailers. I'm sure it's not exactly, but you get the point. It takes quite a bit of air to operate this. I have a 30 gallon home depot special http://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-33-Gal-Quiet-Portable-Electric-Air-Compressor-C331H/203995169 .

It says it's quiet. It's not... AT ALL. I wear ear buds and listen to Pandora when I'm pressing because this thing cycles so many times AND for so long that it drives me crazy. I'm not in a position to put this outside because my shop is in a location that it would walk away while it was in use in broad daylight. I would say that I get 10 good presses before it will turn on the compressor for 3 minutes or so. There really is no such thing as a quiet compressor. Even the screw ones are loud. Maybe "quiet" compared to pistons... but still loud. And of course $5K+. I have heard of someone running a DK20 with compressed CO2. That would be a nice quiet solution, for a small machine that doesn't take a lot of air. My machine would go through a bottle in one sitting though.

The press is very nice though. It really speeds things up AND the only thing tired after 100 shirts is your feet from standing up. No feeling like your arm is going to fall off from constantly having to jump on the press to close. Just push a button. If you have the space I would recommend it.
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