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I have nailed the diazo emulsion,
1) one 500 watt halogen
2) 13 minute with transparency, have to double them
3) switched to vellum to save money but I have to double them, and I had to add 25 percent more time for each layer
4) final time is 19 min thirty seconds
5) was going to use 2 500 watt lights and I have already figured the overlap area for max uv but I have not run a wedge test yet

The reason for the post is I am switching to a dual cure so I can produce finer detail and also work with both water base and plastisol.

1) with 2 500 watt lights
2) 1 and 1 dual cure emulsion
3) 18 inch distance from stencil
4) what is a good range to set for my first wedge test
5) I will add the time needed for the vellum, between 20 and 25 percent per layer
6) with the added uv I was thinking 6 to 12 minute range with the vellums
7) any body have any suggestions, reclaiming screens sucks want to avoid and save materials if I can

some added info
1) EX1 is what I'm switching to from Prochem WR-6
2) I've figured 1.5 inch times every inch of the graphics size
3) I could always try the pre-sensitized emulsion but this type says it has great detail at lower screen counts and I plan on using plastisol on darks so 110 to 156 count is what I'm looking at for screens while still getting fine detail.................I HOPE!!!!!

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Final results on the wedge test
1) (2) 500 watt halogen work lights at 20 inches below the glass/screen, (1.5 x graphic size to set distance) lights on thirds spacing for max overlap of light for uv increase
2) dual cure EX1, 1 inner 2 outer coats
3) 110 mesh screens, foam with black cloth and weight on it to press graphic to glass for better detail
4) (2) stencils overlay-ed from a lexmark x3350 all in one printer, will refill with dye based ink into their dye based 35 cartridge and run dual black no color cartridge, adjust print options as needed if needed.
5) vellum paper for stencils doubled, settings are black graphic, high quality and coated paper which allowed transfer of ink with time to dry so ink didn't saturate the paper, very fine detail with dark print, best setting of any tried.

final time was 9min 30 seconds,
had time at 10 minutes 30 seconds but had to reclaim one screen with fine detail because it was slightly over cured and several outer letters would not clear, I adjusted my time and also light spacing from side by side to thirds to even light across the stencils and all graphics came out nice on my most detailed graphic, lots of fine small letters.

1) The new emulsion allowed the detail I needed on the 110 mesh, I will increase to 230 mesh later for water base inks and detail, will do wedge test then to confirm time.
2) 2 lights cut my cure time 10 minutes, will switch to metal halide lights later for better cure times.
3) Had to set the screens in the sun for a time to do the final cure, will coat them with the 3 stage curing agent if the shirts are popular and sell, will need to preserve the screens as long as possible.

Does any one know if this process can be done after using the screen and cleaning or does it need to be done right after the second cure? Does it make reclaim harder?
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