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I have a DTG Kiosk II with white ink. I now have had it for 2 months and have yet to print anything with white ink. It has a new print head, new dampers and etc. So I feel that it's the settings that I'm using that is the problem. I use Rip Pro V.03 and Corel Draw X4. When I export my design I choose the following.
DTG Kiosk w/white ink
Print quality of 720 X 720
ICM Method: ICM Disabled
ICM Intent: pictures
Advanced Printing: Features Enabled
Color Appearance: Photo Normal
Layer type: color layer auto mask
Color and White passes: 1
Output profile: autoselect
RGB source NTSC 1953
CMYK Source Profile: none
Media :light colored cotton
Generate pure black: no
Spot color:no
Print direction: bidirectional
White Ink: 1440
Black Ink underbase behavior: no underbase, no black ink
auto white highlight: 4%

I'm trying to print a picture that was sent to me and there is no way that I can go in there and change all the little tiny sections of white to 4% cyan so I made a box behind it with that in hopes that when it prints, the box behind it will bring the white through the design. Can someone please tell me why it will not print white. With the above settings, it was only printing black.

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I have a HM1C and a Viper and run V4 and V5 of RIP and use Corelx5, so my HM1 cue is the closest to yours however I don't want to give you advice on a que that isn't like mine. BUT on the art side I can give you advice and it might make your printer pick it up. I've done several thousand shirts with my DTG's and to get white to pick up that is 0C0M0Y0K with Corel...not so much. What I do is take the art into PS and select a color range and apply a new layer, color the selected area with 2%M save the file as a .PNG file, take the file back into Corel and print. It can also be done in Corel Paint, but im faster in PS on that issue.

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It just dawned on me that you might be talking about photoshop. I don't have photoshop on this computer. I do on my make but it's in the shop. I was going to attach a copy of the image but it's asking for the url: (clueless as to what that is). I have it on my desktop as a jpeg.
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