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DTG vs silk screening

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I am wanting to offer custom Names and numbers on t-shirts and sports uniforms. I currently do this by heat transfers but this is very expensive to do a small job. Would the direct printing be the way to go and if so what type of machine for a small business just starting out?
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If your uniforms are routinely 50/50 poly cotton or 100% poly, then direct to garment will not work for your dark garments. Currently there are limited options for printing white ink/applying a white underbase on dark garments and DTG is not one of those options.
look into a craft robo and do vinyl names and numbers yourself..
+ 1 on vinyl. You can buy a us cutter for $300 and make a ton of money with cut vinyl on shirts.
Check out the vinyl numbers and letters precut from Stahls.

They work well.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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