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DTG Viper -New product line

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I intend to buy one printing machine, HM1 print all. I don't know why the factory discontinues manufacturing this product line. And they advise me to buy DTG Viper. Any one who know this, pls give me advice. Thanks
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Viper?? the DTG website says nothing about.

Please Don, for the people who couldn't go to SGIA, could you tell us about the new things?
Okies, just received a flyer in my inbox for the DTG Viper.

-has WIMS on board
-Preassurized CYMK system
-Conveyor system (I wonder if that means you feed the t-shirts from the back and it outputs to the front)
-400m x 800m print area
-Ink mist extraction fan.
Got the same flyer, I'm off on thursday to have a look at it at the visual impact show in Sydney.

Will report in thurday night.
Thanks so much. I had heard it was supposed to be at SGIA but then I didnt hear anything about it from anyone that was there. Can anyone confirm that went to the show if it was there? Thanks in advance.
Woah! theres one (big) thing I forgot to note from the flyer. The DTG printer is made in AUSTRALIA!

That might explain why it wasn't on shoe at SGIA and will be first to show here in Sydney.
May I see the flyer?
Sounds like the Arakis printer ;)
I have not seen this flyer but the ones I received recently do not mention the HM-1 anymore, only the Kiosk II. I asked them about this and was told the HM-1 was still being sold. Just seemed strange it was not listed on the flyer.
The flyer was for Australian based DTG/SWF customers about an upcoming local tradeshow.
Sounds like the Arakis printer ;)
Didn't think of that! If it is Arakis, this should be a pretty good machine imo!
Well part Arikas :D
zhenjie can i see that flyer you got?
Yep, once I'm back on my work computer I'll crop it and upload it here.

Not sure if this is the one you got zhenjie, but here's the one I got.


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So I wonder how that conveyor system works with doing multiple passes. I would assume it just reverses and restarts. Hmmm It would be interesting to see the pressurized ink system. Ok I hope they have it at long beach in january so that I can see it :)
Its like the Arakis made love with the HM-1 to create the most gorgeous baby ever...
Arakis said they were heading in a different direction. Their new unit is based on spectra printheads mounted onto a carousel. This I saw myself. The website is pretty outdated as for info on their new machine.

Are you comming to the sydney show? I'm goin down on thursday to check out this machine and a few other of our suppliers, I'll gather all the info I can a report in on thursday night. But thye seem really excited about this machine, and it was in the US last week, for a show but he was a bit sketchy about which one or where.

I'm really looking forward to this show, for some reason, maybe I just need a holiday! :)
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