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I have a DTG Viper with Rip Pro v.04 and my Job Release Controller stopped working.

The JRC still beeps when the PC powers up and both the red and green lights will flash. Windows device manager also says it's OK (COM4 8 N 1 OFF) but it's not seen by the RIP.

When I print the green light never lights up and the button does nothing so I can't release the job to the printer. Also if I try to use the software to find the JRC it never finds it.

In the software I see a selection for Virtual JRC. Does anyone know how to use this? If I get rid of the blue JRC box and use Virtual JRC is there a button on the keyboard that will release the job to the printer?

The printer still prints fine if I turn off the check box for JRC and just allow all print jobs to go through.

Any help is appreciated.
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