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Hi Guys

I Just wondering whats supposed to be the problem for this , It say's

Error = Dosent recognize this Printer profile for CMYK blah blah blah.jpg :)

Any advice on how to fixed this ?

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it looks like its possibly too small.. try making it bigger (just to see) if the error will go away. We had this problem before..
Hi FatKat yeah i tried to make it bigger but same problem .. cheers
hello guys, my dtg VIPER wont detected the ink chip cartridges after changed the new mainboard. trying to installed the new firmwire ver.B02198. afterward the machine just appear "PLEASE WAIT" for few minutes n then "POWER OFF" can anyone here share the right firmwire version for the DTG VIPER please...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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