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DTG Rhinestone Machines

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I currently embroider jacketback logos and have some customers who want stone enhancements. I currently set theses hotfix stones manually by heating them on a griddle and using tweezers and a nail set to place them. I am looking at automated options and I believe that a DTG machine will work best.

If anyone has any experience with these types of machines, will you please discuss the following:

  • Machine Brand Options. Particullarly one that will allow me to embroider the jacket and then transfer it while still in the hoop to the rhinestone machine.
  • Discuss how well the ultrasonic method attaches the stones to the jacket material and to embroidred areas (stone on the emboridery thread)
  • Use of Swarovski crystals. The brand of choice for most of these customers.
  • speed of stone setting, vs. doing by hand.
  • low end vs. high end machines. advantages and disadvantages.
  • lower capacity vs. higher capacity machines. fewer or more hoppers...
  • I am experinced at emboridery digitizing using Floriani, Art-n-Stitch and Melco's Design Shop. Is there an easy method of moving those type of emboridry files to the rhinestome digitizing software to easily digitize stone placement in relation to the embroidery?

Thanks so much!

Bill Roberts
A' la Bing Design
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Have you looked into the Sierra Hot Fix Era software to add the rhinestone designs to an embroidery file? Sierra has both the embroidery software and the rhinestone software. I don't know of any rhinestone machine that would let you attach the rhinestones to the garment while still in the hoop from embroidering. The rhinestone machines set the rhinestones on a piece of transfer tape and then you place it on the garment where you want it to go and then you heat press it on the garment.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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