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DTG printing on tencel - will it work??

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Hi everyone!

I'm finding it really hard to get a definitive answer as to whether DTG printing works on 100% tensel. Can anyone here shed any light? I'd rather not use a blend.

As it is a natural, water absorbent material, most people have told me it 'should' work. This is great, and I think I'll buy some tensel and test it. However, before I try this does anyone else have any experiences DTG printing on tensel?

Thanks a lot!
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Hi Emly,

I printed few times on Tencel With Kornit and Brother specially on Stanley and Stella garment.
The results was amazing!
Use a little less of pretreatment than usual and try to use a dryer conveyor and not an Heatpress to avoid
Shiny marks.

Hope it will help you
Showing my ignorance here, but I had never heard of tencel before! I had to look it up. I like the sound of it! How is the price as compared to cotton or poly?
The price is 3/4 more expensive but it's 100% naturally and 100% biodegradable.
I print generally on 50/50 Tencel Cotton.
Fabrics will be more stable during the print.
It's more qualitatif than cotton.
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