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Thank you all for your replies. I downloaded the latest driver from Epson's website, followed your advice below, and still nothing...

The printhead is not moving by itself, and is not parking either. The buttons for positioning the bed works fine, but the "clean" button does not respond.

I have two sensors on either side of the print rail. Right one comes on when I raise the bed, but the left one is dead... Not sure if it should do this, or if this might be part of my problem...

Thanks again for your help...
so its not doing the startup routine at all (press power button head swooshes back and forth, small head clean etc....)? do you still have the set of epson status lights with the crystaljet? paper feed, ink lights etc.... ? if so are they always red from power on or a few seconds after ? if its a few seconds after it could be a problem with the step sensor, maybe just some dirt/crap on there, if thats not aligned just right it will throw a error before it gets to the head swoosh etc... on startup.
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