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Dtg printer that also does fullfillment service

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Does anyone know of a Dtg printer that does fullfillment services ? Im located in california but don't mind doing business with anyone anywhere in the U.S
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Try Threadsafe - DTG Digital T-Shirt and Clothing Printing Services - they are in Nor Cal. I've used them before.
Thanks rodney :) I will send them over an email.
Hi Redcell,

Bob McCormack from CONTRACT DTG IN NJ. I have checked most of the contract prices on the web. Check out our prices. There is a fellow in northern Cal that charges $11.00 for 100 plus shirts on a dark shirt, our price is nearly half that. We use the Kornit and Brother priters.

The westcoast operations is no longer involved at this time with us as they do not do dark shirts presently.

Bob 973-764-3840
Hi Redcell.,

Bob McCormack here I got you PM from tshrts forum. We seem to be having trouble with our forwarding feature on CONTRACT DTG.

Please email me at [email protected] with your telephone number and I will call you.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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