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DTG printer leaving some traces/lines on the t-shirt when printing graphics? Advice?

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Hi there!

We are a t-shirt company with a DTG printer that has been having some issues lately.
There was a problem with it in the sense that it left some traces/lines on the t-shirt when printing the graphics. We usually solved the problem in the past by doing a power Cleaning.
In the end we decided to change the head and dumpers and it stopped-no issues.
Recently the problem has reappeared - it regularly leaves some lines on the t-shirt, red and blue respectively.
We did a short cleaning but things didnt change.
Can someone tell me if this is normal ? Did this happen to anyone else, and if so-how did you fix it? Any advice?
I would very much appreciate your input.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Problems with TextJet Printer

Hi My name is Steve. I am a Mimaki Dealer. Did you look at the bottom of the head to see if there are any threads or particles hanging from the bottom of the head? Also check your capping station to see if it has shirt threads in it.
Regards Steve
Re: Problems with TextJet Printer

I would start by looking at the bottom of the head, make sure there is no buildup. Then check your wiper and capping station, make sure they are also free from excessive ink buildup.
After those have been cleaned run a simple/basic cleaning and print a nozzle check pattern. If your pattern looks acceptable I would attempt to print a garment again. If your pattern is less then desirable, you can try to soak it in head cleaning solution to see if that breaks it up.

Also check for air in the lines.

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