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DTG or Screen Printing?

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I'm a screen printer at heart, but have a passion for dtg, (which some of you could probably tell).

So when going back and forth between dtg and screen printing, even I, an advocate of dtg have a tendency to switch to screen printing from time to time. When I was in college for illustration, my teacher watched how I would draw portraits, etc. He wanted to show me something so I paid attention. He told me I should be tracing instead of taking the time to draw it out. I could draw, but tracing would allow for quicker speeds in reproducing something.

This always stood out to me. In a production environment, the customer doesn't care how you do a job, just as long as it's done on time and with quality. That being said, here is a job I just finished for someone today and I chose screen printing. It's a 3 color job on a black T and there were 145 shirts. I could have easily set up my direct to garment printer to do this, but I didn't wan't to go through the additional steps for 145 shirts. So I chose the quickest and most economical method.

A lot of screen shops don't see the advantage of dtg, but I chose some time ago to incorporate both.


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Nice print!
For 145 black shirts I would always screenprint unless there are some tough gradients to do. Always ends up more efficient in the long run since you have no pretreat and curing is 1/10th of the time of dtg on black.
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