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Hi, 237am,

We have several long sleeve shirts already enabled for Digital Direct (a.k.a., DTG). For example the men's fitted long sleeve, Hanes long sleeve, and thermal long sleeve. There are no hoodies enabled yet.

And to be clear, you cannot put Digital Direct images on sleeves and hoods. You can mix print types though. Have a Digital Direct image on the front and then flex on the sleeve.

I'll also ask the team to add clarification in the FAQ regarding what is available. I couldn't find a definitive list myself, so I just tested in the designer. You can select a Digital Direct design and switch between products to see what happens. Of course, I don't think this is a great solution, which is why I'll ask the team to add an FAQ on this. If you were looking for this answer, where would you look? So we get it in the right place.

Hope that helps!
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