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to any DTG MSeries gurus out there,

I am new to the forums (my first post), but I have been following some discussions on the new DTG M2 & M4 printers. The reason for this is that I have ordered my own DTG M4 which I will receive in a couple of months (hopefully by end August). I am very excited and cannot wait. This is my first DTG printer, although my excitement is uncontainable, so is my apprehension and I am biting my nails and thinking I must be out of my mind to take a chance on a new printer that no-one has really tried, and no reports from existing users to go by. So wish me luck!

All that said, I am preparing my customer brochures and information and need the print area sizes. Thus far I have been rather confused. On the M-Series brochure it is stated that the printable area is 610mmx450mm. After seeing the printer at a show (where I made the purchase) I realized that this is the combined area of 2 standard adult platens and that one can pull a large T-Shirt "sideways" over the 2 adult platens to result in the "doubled" area. What I am confused about is that the M-Series brochure does not specify the Single Adult platen size (nor is it on the DTG Digital website, well not that I can find), so I attempted to find this on the internet elsewhere, I found contradicting information. On one supplier's website it is stated that the Single Adult platen is 330mmx406mm, another one 330mmx405.95mm. I even found the following information on one website:
Print Area:
M2 - 45cm x 61cm
M4 - 45cm x 120cm
2 Adult (42cm x 28cm) individual bases - Other platten sizes available.

Now I wonder 280mm vs. 330mm? Which is correct?

If this is true, how do they achieve 450mm if I assume that the 610mm side is made up of the 2 x 330mm?
Also confusing to me is that 330x2=660mm (although the site I mention above states 280mm instead of 330mm, maybe that is the problem), what happened to the remaining 50mm if the printable area is 610mm?

My conclusion: It is possible that actual platen sizes and the print area (which is smaller than the platen size as not to print over platen edges) have become mixed.

What I also cannot find is what the actual print area is, is there some link to the Rip Pro software as to the size of the print area that it restricts so that one does not print over the platen edges?

I want to be able to give my customers an exact print area size for all platens as well as the double adult and quadruple adult (on M4) print area size (not platen size).
I think the guy to answer this for me is Don at ColDesi, as I gathered from the posts I read. Don, if you can supply me this info I will greatly appreciate it!:D

It will be nice if DTG Digital has this info available on their site for future users of the M-Series.

Lots of sunny printable wishes from South Africa!

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I do not have any experience with the M4 but i do own a DTG K3.

If i was to setup a print and incorrectly enter the wrong value and make the print bigger than the platen then the software will not recognise this and will print over the edges of the platen. I am not sure if the M4 will be the same as it is a completely different chassis.

I wish you the best of luck for the future
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