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Hey all,

We've been working with 4 x DTG M2s for the last 6 months and recently ran into some major issues with 2 of our printers. About 5 weeks ago both printers would stop mid-print and give Y2 OverCurrent errors (E080). We would shut the printers off, check the y-axis to make sure that nothing was impeding the carriage from moving back and forth and start everything back up again. It got to the point where the printers would stop mid-print 4-5 times a day with the same error until we couldn't even turn them back on again. This time both machines couldn't get passed the initialize stage when turning them on without getting either the Xencoder (E067) or Yencoder (E068) errors. Here is a list of things we've tried to fix:

--> Swapping in a new Y motor.
--> Cleaning the x encoder wheel multiple times, readjusting the xencoder sensor.
--> Cleaning the y encoder strip multiple times, adjusting the yencoder.
--> Checking all the connections to the mainboard, boss board and CR board.
--> swapping in a brand new main board (fixed the problem for 24 hours before returning back to only giving us the x/y encoder errors during startup).
--> Replaced the print head ribbon cables and long ribbons that go from main board to CR board.
--> Replacing all fuses on the mainboard (including the ones that are soldered on).
--> Cleaned and adjusted the carriage lock.

We are feeling stuck at this point having spent thousands of dollars and getting minimal help from Col Desi and our supplier. We've had 2 technicians come in and take a look at things, but they we're both unable to diagnose the problem and only recommend changing the y motor or main board again. I've ordered a new power supply and am waiting to try switching that too.

Has anyone run into a similar problem as us and found a solution?? Would love to hear what you think!!


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