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DTG m2 not laying ink

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I have recently bought a DTG m2 machine and after 2 months of operation, the print head suddenly stopped. It took 10 days for the service person to figure out that f2 fuse is blowing out every time the machine starts.
The ribbon cables are replaced, motherboard is replaced,head is also replaced but yet the issue is still unresolved. Please help me regarding the issue.
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F2 relates to the 42v head power, so there is something still not right. Tell your technician to check the ribbon cables again. Also I assume he has changed the short ribbon cables that go from the head to the CR pcb, maybe he should check that the long cables are not shorting out just above the head carriage. If he has a spare CR board it may be worth trying that also.
He has changed the long ribbon cable as well. I have personally inspected that the cables are right but the fuse is still blowing out. I have even checked the power fluctuation or any external electrical issue but no progress.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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