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As we are going to be moving very soon we have decided that the following items will be sold as a package for AUS$17,000 ONO (delivery will be additional or of you are close by (in NSW) you are more than welcome to come and collect)

1. DTG Kiosk - Purchased in September 2007 (printed only 400 items)
*650mm L x 630mm W x 460mm H (26 inches L x 25.2 inches W x 18.4 inches H);
*DTG RipPro Software & Dell Laptop to run the DTG Kiosk, Updates, Manuals and Online & Supplier Support;
*All relevant cables;
*4 sizes platens for different prints, including sleeves;
*1.5L Underbase & some inks

2. Heat Master Heat Press 38cm x 38cm - Purchased in September 2007

3. Ream (less that 5 sheets used) of Silicone Parchement Paper 460mm x 760mm. we cut in half to use in the heat press, so there is actually just less than 1000 sheets

4. Wagner 550 Fine Spray Electric Spray Gun (used for spraying on underbase)

Please send all enquiries to [email protected] or 0402 837 673
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