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Ok, so now my (new to me) Kiosk 2 prints a bit (new cartridges installed). Thanks to FatKat Printz for testing and fusing my motherboard (I'll take out the fuse tomorrow and see if it still prints).
You are welcome..

But it still prints with extreme verticle banding. It's still like a rainbow. When I did an epson pattern print, the pattern looked good, but the serial numbers are blurry, like they are two numbers over each other but off register.
are you talking about a nozzle check??

I remember somewhere in the forum it was said that when you change a head, you have to enter the serial number somewhere. How is this done? Would it affect print quality in this way?
There is no need for this.. its for Epson when you buy a new printhead. You don't enter in printhead/DTG printer serial number anywhere.

Can you take a picture of your nozzle checks? Did you properly prime the dampers before you started to print?

Printhead alignments are a rare process and are not always necessarily needed because they waste of a lot ink and take a long time.
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