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DTG kiosk 2 print head replacement

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Hi guys, I've been following the forum and first of all I just want to say thanks for all the threads, I've learn a lot from all of you.

Second my English is not so good so I will try to explain myself as clear as I can.

I didn't find this on the forum so I decided to ask for some help. One of the white channels on the print head is clogged and I will replace the head unless you have some advises for me :) I've already tried to change the damper (twice), I replaced the ink line and also put some drops cleaning solution in the capping station twice.

So my question is: what steps should I follow to change the head replacement? What are your advises?
I will follow the instructions that came with the machine and also a video tutorial, but I was hoping to get some good advises from the community.

Thanks a lot for reading me.
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Replace the ribbon cable at the same time. Unplug the machine before you start
Never change the head cables unless they are damaged or show signs of wear. Donate the money to charity instead :)

Just make sure that you don't touch the terminals upon print head installation.

You can try flushing the white channels with a syringe and piece of pipe but i suspect its too far blocked which means only one thing- New print head time.
Is it posible to buy a new printhead for the KIOSK ? If so I would like to know where to buy one. I have one that I don't use for that reason.
@ColorCut I can sell you a new print head for the DTG Kiosk 2
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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