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DTG K3 printing problem

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recently my K3 start acting up printing weird, see attached image. will any one able to help me what the solution of this problem is?




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attached image
thanks in advance
How is it supposed to look like? Attach the graphic as well.
suppose to be like image 1st image
but comes out the weird black lines like 2nd image



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Hey there ,just read this forum post it may help you ......
also check it might need a new wiper rubber,if worn then a small layer of film will contaminate the head causing this kind of problem ;)
usually the problem arises if the encoder strip is dirty or the encoder belt & wheel is dirty. clean the encoder strip with windex, make sure there are no scratches on it. and check if there is dusk particles on the belt and wheel and clean both parts. also, you might check if the carriage can travel freely. you might also want to oil the rails with gun oil.
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I'd say You platen's bottom may be uneven. Does it print fine until it stops and then prints in one place?
Flatten platen's bottom or adjust media switch.
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