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This unit was flushed and cleaned and belonged to a friend who filed for bankruptcy. I bought it. I Bought 2 other of the same unit that were in use up til 6 months ago, they were flushed before storage. I am not certain this unit runs and was going to keep it for parts but just bought the Brother GTX and have purchased a neoflex. I also bought a screen printing business.

So I am reopening my fulfillment operations and I need space and am planning on replacing the running DTG hm1-c units with 2 neoflex units and the GTX and I have a 541 so I feel I have plenty of firepower now just not enough space.

I will sell this unit for 800.00 , it is missing the cover as he ran without the cover and we could not find it during the sale.

If you want a clean unit to use or to use for parts this is it. I can not warranty this unit as I am new to these printers and have not fired them up myself but I know I like the neoflexes better and need more production.

If you want I can sell all 3 printers, with software, rips and dongle and even some other software for 4500.00- thats 3 dtg hm1c units, flushed and clean and all software included for 3 dtg- HM1-c with all rips and dongles needed to start up a dtg operation or add some firepower to your existing operation. Pick up if shipping needed I will skid and crate for a fee.
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