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DTG HM1-Kiosk for sale

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Greetings all,

A friend of mine runs a full service screen printing company near Charlotte, NC - they have recently moved into contract printing and really have no use for their DTG HM1-Kiosk machine. I'll tell you all the information that I can on the machine, but any specifics would have to be addressed to the email address attached - don't reply to this thread as he cannot check it, PLEASE ONLY SEND QUESTIONS TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS (cause he's printing all the time).

Here's what I can tell you about it (from what he told me) - This machine was purchased new and used maybe 10-12 times total. It DOES NOT HAVE the WHITE VIBRATING LARGE add-on that was added later - YOU WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO PURCHASE NEW HEADS AS THIS MACHINE HAS NOT BEEN RAN IN OVER 2 YEARS and is currently collecting dust.

He is currently asking $9000 and has some local interest but I thought putting it in here would make people move on it a little faster. I'm sure he has all the parts and would include everything that came with the device.

See attached for pictures - sorry for the blur, took them on the phone - the device is basically new, just needs a few parts for years of service.

SEND ALL YOUR QUESTIONS TO: [email protected]

Thanks all.


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We talked with the DTG people at the show in Charlotte - they told us with a few parts, this machine could be updated to the 'C' version - which is around $17k - don't miss out
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