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[DTG HM1] For Sale / Tampa FL area

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Hi there, I am selling a DTG HM1C Printer with modified/upgraded bagged ink system. The printer is for sale along with all the tools needed to get going. Rip Pro 4, Pretreat Spray Gun, leftover ink, Leftover Pretreat, A Pre-Treat Spray Booth, Printer stands, and all the platens.

Serious inquiries please. Local pickup only. Time-line is fast since I will be moving and looking to move the printer asap.
The printer works and is fully functional. Ping me if you are interested.
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Hey, if you're still interested - I need to replace the print-head on the printer. I am willing to take $3,500 for the T-Shirt printer alone. A print-head is about $500 bucks - but the machine is fully working once you replace the print-head.

I am moving soon and don't have the time/patience to keep up w/ the maintenance of the machine.

DTG Printer
DTG HM1c Printer with upgraded bagged ink system
10"x10" Kids Shirt Platen for DTG
(2) 12"x18" Adult Shirt Platens for DTG
DTG Rip Pro Software v4
DTG Printer Stands
Wagner Spray Gun for Pretreatment
Pretreatment Booth

You also get:
Any leftover Ink & Pre-treatmeant
(For ink, I currently have 500ml White, 500ml Black, 500ml Yellow, 150ml Red, 100ml Blue... for Pretreatment, I currently have about 2 gallons of Firebird Pre treatment for dark garments)

For an additional $500, I'll throw in a Stahls STX20 Heat Press (16x20 Clamshell Heatpress)
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This thing has to go. Please make an offer - [email protected]

I just replaced the print head.
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