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I have my DTG HM-1 for sale. I bought it used, and everything works fine with it, used it several times. I simply don't have the market for it. Where I am at, people want one or two color items silk screened and have no interest in this fancy stuff. :(

Comes with:

-All Manuals & CDs + extra additional info I've found, helpful e-mails I've received + binders of info.
-All cords & cables, + extensions
-2 Adult Platens
-1 Youth Platen
-1 Full Container of White
-A full set of CMYK + mostly full larger bottles (probably about 3-4 "sets" total.
-2 bottles of cleaning solution
-1 large, full bottle of pretreatment
-1 of the upgraded wagner power sprayers, (I bought the next step up one from Home Depot, not the one that is advertised with the machine from SWF/Mesa)
-A polyester spray can
-A large container of flushing solution
-Brand NEW print head IN box, never used.
-I think I still have extra dampers, as well as swabs, & all of the normal cleaning stuff, etc.

Currently, the machine is taken apart because it's too expensive for me to print daily to keep it primed when I'm not selling any DTG.

This will print on darks, I've done it with the solution as practice & to keep things clean, but never did print with the actual white ink. There is another print head you can have, it's not in the best of shape but you may be able to unclog it, this is from the previous owner, not me.

I do have the crate for shipping, but shipping is on you.

I will take paypal // cash - Asking $10,000.

This has been kept very clean, and dust free as best as anyone can.

Send me a PM if you're interested, I'll post pictures soon.

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