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DTG hand - preference for rough or smooth?

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We're starting a limited edition mid-end T-shirt line and are now comparing 4 samples, each from different printers. We're torn between the rougher texture of the 2 Kornit samples we received vs. the smoother, sticker like texture of the Veloci Jet XL and HM1 Kiosk samples.

For those of you selling mid-end T-shirts ($30-40):

1. What do your customers prefer?
2. What has sold well for you?
3. Do your designs have a lot of detail?
4. Have you found your detail works better on one texture or the other?
5. Have you found one holds up better in the wash vs. the other?

Any feedback is appreciated!
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I will allow other people to answer your questions, but it is important for you understand why there is a difference in feel. The Kornit printer puts down the thickest viscocity of ink and large amount of it. In order to cure the print, the print must go through a forced air conveyor dryer for several minutes. A Kornit print is not recommended to be cured using a heat press only. The VelociJet and other Epson-based dtg printers (which most of them use Dupont dtg ink) recommend that you cure prints using a heat press. The pressure of the heat press is what makes the final print smooth. If you use a teflon sheet on top of the print, the final print will look shiney. If you use parchment sheet on top of the print, the final print will have a matte finish. As far as I know, the Brother GT inks is the only one that is recommended to be cured with either a conveyor dryer or a heat press.

That is the difference between the prints you have mentioned above.

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