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DTG Flash Dryer

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We are looking into buying a forced air flash dryer. Is this a smart decision for us? Do they work well for people using DTG? Any input would be appreciated.
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Never heard. Even some belt dryers are not good enough. Flash cure?
If you are buying for Dtg Pls research more.
Or ask seller a question. Some sort of guarantee working?
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you'll most likely burn the shirt before you cure the ink. you would need to have the shirt quite a bit below the flash unit.
I think you will end up fairly frustrated with the outcome. Prints will be rough, may crack easier in the wash.. and I am not sure how you would go about knowing when it is cured. I used to screen print and had a regular flash.. not sure how much different a forced air one is, but I can't imagine this would speed up your process at all. Heat pressing seems easier and more efficient. If anything get a tunnel dryer with forced air. That would speed the process up obviously, but would be much more expensive. Still, the ink would have a rougher feel with the tunnel.
Considering you have to cure waterbased screen prints even longer than plastisol on a belt dryer, I'd stick with the tried and proven method of the heat press.
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Unless expensive belt dryer I won't trust. It will shorten curing time is so sure. But curing is never a bottleneck to Most DTG. Unless to people who owns many.
I will say 3-4 NeoFlex. Sorry, I cannot see NeoFamily waste money.
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Thank you all for the input. I will stick to using a heat press! are there inserts you can get to put inside of a shirt to raise up just the print area to keep seems from burning? I'm looking to buy a second heat press. I have one stahls press right now but can't afford another one of those right now. Any recommendations on something slightly cheaper?
Start new thread is not bad idea. Jump Flash dryer to Insert?
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AA sells some heat presses that are less expensive... PM Peter
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