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Hello everyone!

The purpose of this post is to briefly introduce myself and to try to find any Canadian companies that do DTG dropshipping for one-to-many orders, and for those companies to have an inventory similar to Print Aura in the States; so that means light & dark colors with a wide variety of brands, styles & colors of these brands.

My name is Jimmy Ryan from Ottawa, Canada and I have not been on this forum for quite some time. I've been away re-vamping my website as a 3rd party merchant for hosting graphic artists' collections of graphical artwork for printing on t-shirts, on teeporium.com.

My website is called Teeporium - Your T-Shirt Emporium, and is hosted by Shopify (fun fact: Shopify originates from Ottawa, Canada). BTW Shopify is a terrific ecommerce hosting provider that offer a ton of options for people such as myself. Anyhow, my site is still under construction as I search for a DTG dropshipper, willing to take one-off orders.

I am gearing up to open up shop soon, and will be hiring some SEO so that I can hopefully sell at a high volume. Before I do that, I would like to get to know a few of you to hopefully build a healthy B2B relationship for long term.


Jimmy Ryan
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