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I'm looking for DTG and Shirt Sublimation experts who wholesale to members of the trade. I do heat pressing, screenprinting, and custom engraving on glass, granite, metal, stone, etc. and currently do not offer DTG or Shirt Sublimation and would like to. I have a current request for a quote as follows:

I am also seeking a quote in those 2 areas for a color photo on light shirt (light yellow or light green, maybe another light color) with some text (Brush script). I don't have the photo yet but have a design with the text that I screen printed I can show you. The photo will replace the image. It will be for 100 shirts (Adult) 1 side (Not sure but think it will be front) size/qty s-10,m-15,l-20.xl-25.xxl-20,xxxl-10. I will need by July 4'th if approved for this year (Don't know if could be completed in time). But will definatly need for next year. It is an annual car-show event in it's 33'rd year.


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