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DTG and printing on Converse sneakers

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If and when I ever get my MS One DTG up and running again, Does anyone know if Converse sneakers can be printed and if so where to I buy the Planten


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I haven't seen a platen that you can buy for any DTG machine. There is a retail store in Orange County, CA that prints on them right in the store but they have what appears to be a homemade jig type of thing. The Converse All Stars print really well. All they do is tape over the white toe and then they have little round stickers that perfectly fit over the metal grommets where the laces go through. I believe they are using a Brother 541 so they are only printing on white or off-white shoes. You can print on anything that is canvas.
i have a MS one for sale can be used for parts and have new ink obo
There was a post from a company that sells the DTG platens for sneakers. It must have been about a year or more ago. I'm sure if you did some searching threw the older post it will turn up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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