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DTF is NOT the acronym for Direct to Film. It's for Digital Transfer to Film
Are you saying that conclusively? What's your source?

I have seen reputable sources say DTF is SOMETIMES also referred to as Digital Transfer Film. Not much from what I've seen, not in the US.

"Digital Transfer Film" does make sense, though.

The story I've heard is that Direct to Film was someone's idea of the logical alternative, the sister technology, the flipside, to DTG, Direct to Garment. Whether or not that term makes sense, that story makes sense.

I've also heard the term came out of China, where we know English is not their strong suit. Maybe from a lab in Wuhan, who knows? (or could have been the Wuhan open market 馃) But the logic that the tech was developed there, therefore probably named there, has validity.

Anyway, I don't know of any authoritative source for what the acronym is supposed to be. We know that what makes it into the dictionary is common usage, so the argument for "Direct to Film" stands taller at the moment.
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