This is the pro package....STS ink system with Mutoh printer. Printer, bulk ink system, shaker, flexi rip, white ink circulation, supplies, etc.

DTF Printer 24" Shaker Heater Bulk PRO Package STS

Sells for $20,000+.

We typically have $200-$1500 in supplies included.

Dell laptop with flexi installed possibly available for extra $1200...only a few months old. Or you can install flexi on your own computer. Flexi is included either way.

Full disclosures:

1. If you have never owned commercial ink jet printers this may not be for you. If you have never cleaned wiper blades, capping stations, etc...this may not be the printer for you. It takes some work. With the new white circulation system (which is installed) it works much better. The more it runs the better.

2. This printer is currently only printing in high quality mode. The white is not good enough for my standards in better mode at times. I have a NEW print head and dampers (worth $3000+) included in the price. I can have the print head installed for $800 by a certified Mutoh tech. I would have a local tech install it and train you on the printer if needed.

I have seen other shakers. This is the best one around to my knowledge and opinion. It does not auto circulate the powder but you need to keep an eye on the printer every once and awhile anyway so that is not an issue to me. The printer works well if you stay on top of the maintenance and run it most days. The only reason I am selling is to upgrade to a faster printer. Unless you need thousands of large prints in a hurry this should be fine for any small to medium size shop.

This printer is running now but will be put in long store with cleaning solution in 2-3 weeks when my new printer arrives. I can train you if you come here to pick up while it is running. I will ship this system (your cost). It would be better (and cheaper) to rent a box truck and pick up yourself if you are able.

Please email Brent at [email protected] (this is my "junk" email address...but I will see it in a few hours-days) or call 636-456-8887.

No credit cards or pay pal for payment. Wire transfer completed to my bank before it leaves the building. Or cash on pick up. A certified check must clear my bank first as well.

I will delete this post if able or mark sold. If this post is still here or not marked sold it is still for sale.