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Drying screens in dryer

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Hi Guys,

Is it ok to dry screens ink side down in the drying cabinets with drawers, as they have metal bars to hold the screen which will contact the emulsion if left into the drawer substrate side down??

Thanks for any help.
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You want the emulsion to be thicker on the shirt side of the mesh. Shirt side down is how they should be in the dryer. Do you need the emulsion to be so wide on the screen as to hit the brackets in the dryer?
Also, the brackets/shelves in the dryer should be tilted slightly downward toward the center of the dryer so that only a portion of the frames edge actually touches anything.
No these drawers have metal bars as the base of the drawers and could hold two screens side by side the screen does not actually slide into any holders they are just left into the drawer like you would a plate onto a domestic oven/grill, so all of the screen will touch the bars if not put in ink side down.
I've been drying screens mesh up for years... never had a problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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