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dryer air flow adjustment

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I have a national dryer. it has a vent on the top that has a little metal "switch" that you can turn up or down. I assume to open and close. Would i have that open or closed during use? also there is an "air adjustment" knob that registers between 0-10. what should that be during use? Whats the purpuse of these?
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Is it a conveyor dryer? I don't have a dryer but from the ones I've see the vent on top is an exhaust vent. Some have it on the center and some near the end where the shirt comes out.
The air flow adjustment (intake) usually is use to keep a uniform temperature inside the elements, and for what I've seen is located in the front side of the dryer or the middle, and the air flow adjustment have a few more purposes as well for example if you are printing sweatshirts have you notice all the fumes at the rear of the dryer well adjusting your nob to 9 will get the fumes out faster thru the exhaust system of the dryer, and when you are done for the day will help to cool it down safely , in a regular basis I have my set on 5 for the air flow and 5 for the exhaust. I hope that helps :)
XAIME, can you elaborate a little more on how the air flow adjustment (intake) works? How does it keep the temperature uniform?

Sure. As you can see inside your dryer there's a heat elements in different forms that could be a carbon wire (quartz) or infrared panels (most of M&R dryer units) or even a gas connection dryer which is the older drying unit know to us screen printers, All this heating devices works great generating high temperatures but not on the distribution of the heat the air flow adjustment is added to all this devices to ensure a uniform temperature inside the "oven" while the ink is curing into the garment, and at the same time all the fumes are sucked by the exhaust system with help of the air flow generated inside by a little fan located on the top and bottom of the dryer. :)
The temperature is keep uniform by this airflow system every time we send a garment thru the dryer, keeping the air at the same temperature.
Thanks for the descriptive post. But I am still a little curious how these fans are placed or positioned to evenly distribute the heat. Would you happen to have some pictures?
yeah I will take some pictures of the one at home and Post them here so you can see. I'll try to explain with a Little more detail what the function is and how it works ;)
Sorry I couldn't do it yesterday. But here is:
The first pictures demonstrate where the knob adjustments are located.
The second picture shows the location of the intake/exhaust system.
The third picture is the exhaust system fan and this fan is control by the "circulating air volume".
The last picture is the intake system, that is why is cover by a protective aluminum grill.
This is my personal dryer around 8 feet long. But some of the big dryer have the exhaust located on the middle top of the dryer and the air circulator (intake) at the bottom.
I hope that will help you understand some of the operating system of a dryer unit :)


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Thank you very much for the pictures. It does help understand the workings of a dryer but one thing difficult to understand is how it distributes the heat evenly. I am sure commercial units are able to do it but for DIY projects, I am a little concerned that what I may succeed in doing is create a cooler air stream that flows from the intake to the exhaust.
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