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Dry Erase Board

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I heard that some of the product we use can be used as Dry erase boards, is this true? I have a customer that wants a map printed onto a 48 x 60 dry erase board
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Hi Mark,

Unisub materials are generally dry erase. They have aluminum and a masonite hardboard that would work well for that. It can be ordered to custom sizes, but there may be some minimums. There is a 40x60 standard white chromalux aluminum panel or a 48x48 as well if your customer can be flexible.
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I could only imagine the shipping cost on that to Canada *Yikes* Time to source some i guess

Thx Kevin for pointing me in the right direction
We print on vinyl and the laminate the vinyl with dry erase Laminate, ships cheap, and you mount it. Any size.
Skdave, does it hold up well?

Also going to pm you

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