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Drop shipping is a great way to start a business as it allows you to start without having to invest in any significant $$.

Another great benefit for dropshipping custom designed t shirts is that you can offer unlimited amount of designs without any monetary investment.

I like to think of it as selling air as you never see or touch the product.
You can't beat that!
Hi John,

I'm looking for the best model to enter the athletic t-shirt/rash guard business and drop shipping is basically the only alternative for me since I don't want to print myself or have inventory (so I guess buying from wholesalers is also not an option).

The problem I foresee is that I want to differentiate my product by either having unique/different/more complex designs (more than one color, mix of materials, etc.) from the drop shipper itself or, eventually, send them my own designs for them to print and drop ship. I would like to ask you, if it is at all possible to find someone, or if you know someone, that is willing to print and then drop ship on demand (meaning with no minimum orders). If you happen to know anyone who does it for the products described above, even better.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Dirk L.
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