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This is what I was seeking for my own t-shirt business for several years. I started selling shirts online about 8 years ago, before cafepress.com became popular.

For a long time I did the whole thing myself - inventory management, fulfillment, website, order processing, payment processing, etc.

I much prefer doing my own website and my own payment processing. Nowadays it's easy to do this with Google Checkout or Paypal. I actually prefer Google Checkout, which I use in tandem with e-junkie, because Google Checkout does not hold your money in a "bank account" like paypal does, but rather they just process the payment, wait till it clears, then deposit it to your checking account.

Anyway, to stay on topic, I finally found a screen printer that agreed to SCREEN PRINT my shirts on demand and then drop ship them out to my customers. In my opinion, this is the ONLY way to run a t-shirt business.

Cafepress and other Digital printshops like that, I just don't like the digital printing. It seems less than professional to me. I always prefer screen printing.

I swore off managing an inventory TWICE in my 8 years. It's just the biggest pain in the butt. Not to mention you have to invest a bunch of money in the inventory in the first place - money you might not have paid for shirts that might not sell.

So to me, on-demand and drop-shipped is the only way to go.
Hi Blair,

I've posted this message in other drop shipping threads and it seems you might be able to help me.

I'm looking for the best model to enter the athletic t-shirt/rash guard business and, as you said, drop shipping is basically the only alternative for me since I don't want to print myself or have inventory (so I guess buying from wholesalers is also not an option).

The problem I foresee is that I want to differentiate my product by either having unique/different/more complex designs (more than one color, mix of materials, etc.) from the drop shipper itself or, eventually, send them my own designs for them to print and drop ship. I would like to ask you if you know someone that is willing to print and then drop ship on demand (meaning with no minimum orders). If you happen to know anyone who does it for the products described above, even better.

Any other help or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Dirk L.
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