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This is what I was seeking for my own t-shirt business for several years. I started selling shirts online about 8 years ago, before cafepress.com became popular.

For a long time I did the whole thing myself - inventory management, fulfillment, website, order processing, payment processing, etc.

I much prefer doing my own website and my own payment processing. Nowadays it's easy to do this with Google Checkout or Paypal. I actually prefer Google Checkout, which I use in tandem with e-junkie, because Google Checkout does not hold your money in a "bank account" like paypal does, but rather they just process the payment, wait till it clears, then deposit it to your checking account.

Anyway, to stay on topic, I finally found a screen printer that agreed to SCREEN PRINT my shirts on demand and then drop ship them out to my customers. In my opinion, this is the ONLY way to run a t-shirt business.

Cafepress and other Digital printshops like that, I just don't like the digital printing. It seems less than professional to me. I always prefer screen printing.

I swore off managing an inventory TWICE in my 8 years. It's just the biggest pain in the butt. Not to mention you have to invest a bunch of money in the inventory in the first place - money you might not have paid for shirts that might not sell.

So to me, on-demand and drop-shipped is the only way to go.
awesome.. 8 years... you are very experienced
for this time i need help info about vendor dropship
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