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Driver Needed SSK Designtech 60 PLEASE

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I recently got a SSK Designtech 60 cutter basicly given to me. I have a couple of things I want to cut with it on a part time basis. How ever I need the driver and related software so I can cut from CorelDraw. If someone has the needed software I would sure paypal you something for your trouble of emailing it to me! Thanks, Zach Email address is below.

Zach (at) northwayauctions. com (take out the spaces)
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Ever figure this out? I have the same cutter... Works fine in XP with the driver supplied... But I need it to work in Vista. I read it's the same as a graphtech 3000, so I installed that driver on my vista machine. But it doesn't see the plotter as a graphtech 3000. When I plug it in and search for a driver, I try and use the graphtech driver but it doesn't find it compatible. Any help would be so appreciated. My windows xp machine totally died today and I can't get anything done. Thanks!!!
I have the same problem. Also if anybody knows any fairly cheap software I can use with this I would love to purchase it from you or just know what I can use.
I got it to work.... I believe I added it as a standard printer and used the graphtech driver that matches it. It definitely works on my Vista machine now.
Hey could i possibly get that driver? i just got a ssk deisgntech 60 and want to cut out of illustrator to cocut but its not recognizing the usb and need the driver please!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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