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Drawing characters

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I have characters that I have sketched that I would like to have them copied in Illustrator or Photoshop, so I can place them on a couple of shirts, but I'm not to familiar enough with neither to do such a thing. Do you guys/gals know of any tutorials that could help me learn how to do something like this. I would have asked a friend to do it for me, but he took the longest time just to do a simple logo I asked him to do, and I don't have to money to pay a freelancer, and I think I would like to build my skills up in the two programs anyways.

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If you can email them to me, I can turn them into vector files for you in illustrator if you want. In return for a "payment" maybe you can do a caricature (sp?) of myself for me to use on my website.


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Thanks that is always an option an option I would not mind doing at all. I am at school right now, but when I get home I will definitely send an email...thanks!
Sounds good, I always wanted a picture of myself. Let me see your pictures and I will see what I can do with them. For best results, make sure if you have an image that you want to be more one color, you need to fill in the "corners" otherwise when I select it, its gonna select a small gap and make it all one color. Does that make sense? I will see what I can do once you email me the images. If it looks like something I can do, I will send you a picture of myself to draw.

I think I understand what you mean. Where a different color is suppose to be, mark there corners with the colors I want, so that when you select another color close by it won't all select as one color? Is this what you are saying?
Yea kinda like a sloppy drawing with the proper lines not connecting versus an accurate drawing with perfect connecting lines for a circle, etc.
That's what I thought you meant...I'll go over my sketches tonight, because I know they are a lil sloppy and send them to you when they are adequate.
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