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Hang tags! So, after much research and thought, and loads of experiments, I made some decisions. Hang tags are nice, and I wanted them on my products. I got some made pretty cheap, and they came out wonderful. On the front is my logo, on the back is some blurb and my URL. Very simple. I'll have a small QR code sticker on the back as well. It just wasn't enough, though. I wanted something fancy for new buyers to get familiar with my brand. I created my design, and used items I had at home. I printed on vellum with my laser printer, and used a paper trimmer to cut my desired length. It wasn't quite there yet, however sweet it looked. I grabbed some basic grey cardstock and cut desired length. This added some fortitude and aesthetic appeal. Then I went to the craft store and for 10 bucks I got black eyelets, an eyelet setter, and a hole punch. All 1/8". I set the holes and attached to the neck label with a tagging gun. It looks pretty nice to me. It's quite a bit of effort, but I think I could knock out 200 tags in an hour or an hour point five. If you are wondering, I am leaving tags with required info and adding my brand neck label when they arrive. For other types of shirts I have appropriate labels to add or subtract as per the FTC. The shirt in the picture is just a test shirt, although people want to buy it anyway, HAH! I am experimenting with different labels and tags for other products (bags, caps, etc.) Will advise when complete. Thanks for viewing!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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