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We have started printing 10 months ago, and still can't get the quality we chasing. Basically, we can't find a solution to get rid of the dots on the shirts(letter "O" on the pic 1 and 2) and how to prevent grey color from turning green/yellow. (pic 3)

Picture 1) View image: DSC1235
Picture 2) View image: DSC1236
Picture 3) View image: DSC1237

When we have started we didn't know anything about printing and after some research we decided to go the "inkjet heat pressing" way. Well, it wasn't the best decision, but as for now we have all the equipment for that method we would like to try at least return the investments.

Currently we use: Epson WF-7525; Pigment Inks from "CobraInks"; CISS from "CityInkExpress; Chinese HeatPress "MaxArmour" and "JPSS" paper from "YOLO". We have tried different papers, different ICC Profiles, different inks and still get the greenish tint. At the moment we don't use any ICC profiles, because all the profiles we have tried only made the print look worse.(usually it makes it way too dark)

Please give us some advice. What are we doing wrong and what should we change in order to make quality prints(like, maybe it's time to forget about inkjet?). And is there anybody who managed to build a good business using an inkjet?

Thank you guys!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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